Here are some samples of our Tridents and other trees.
We have over 500 large Tridents in stock, 200 Japanese Black Pines,100 Stewartia Monadelpha, and a few very large Red Leaf Japanese Maple landscape trees.
Some of our younger Tridents about 13 years old
More younger Tridents
Stewartia Monadelpha  One year in the field
Large Stewartia Monadelpha 13 years in the field
Tridents before being cut back   22 years in the field
Another view of our oldest Tridents
3 inch caliper Tridend recently dug , 2011
2 1/2 inch caliper Trident ready to dig , 2011
Japanese Red Leaf Maple Landscape Tree
Trident Maple Rough Cut before styling
Trident Maple Rough Cut showing sacrifice branches cut off